Tiling showers, bathrooms and wet rooms

Showers, bathrooms and wet rooms are very common applications for ceramic tiling. The tiles themselves are not really affected by the action of water but the overall installation can be. The fixing materials must be chosen to suit the level of exposure to water.

Common issues and queries you can face

Porous adhesives and grouts

Adhesives and grouts are porous

Most cement-based products including grouts and adhesives are porous to
some extent.

They have minute voids left by the evaporation of un-combined water or by gaps between the aggregates.

These pores allow water to permeate through the grout into the adhesive and substrate.

Voids allowing water access

Voids in the adhesive layer allow access for water

Voids left in the adhesive layer after bedding the tiles will allow any water that penetrates the grout or sealant to gather.

If this water has nowhere to escape to it may encourage mould growth.

Alternatively, the trapped water may run along channels left in the adhesive bed and leak out at a different point to its entry.

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