Does your swimming pool need a face-lift?

Saint-Gobain Weber share these important tips to consider when it comes to pool renovations.

Swimming pool facelift

When flying over South Africa’s urban areas, it is interesting to see that most homes have swimming pools. Given our climate, residential swimming pools provide a welcome reprieve from the heat in the hot summer months and are a source of relaxation, recreation, and entertainment and add a key aesthetic to many homes.

That said, over time, swimming pools lose their appeal, and they require upgrading and repair. The winter months are the obvious time to empty your pool and give it a face-lift, repair leaks, re-surface with a waterproof marble-based plaster and finally use cement-based paint products to bring it back to life. When you make the decision to renovate and upgrade your swimming pool, Saint-Gobain Weber has a range of pool plasters (Weber Marbelite) and paints (Weber Pool Paint) available in various colours.

Their easy-to-navigate website is an essential resource, it offers step-by-step guidelines on revamping and marble plastering pools, plastering new pools and how chemically treating newly plastered pools. 

Guidelines for disposing of swimming pool water

Once you decide to revamp and upgrade your pool, it is important to consider the following guidelines for disposing of the swimming pool water correctly, ensuring that you protect the environment. Swimming pools contain chemicals such as chlorine and copper. These chemicals “treat” the water to kill harmful bacteria and/or algae. If this treated water is discharged into stormwater systems or streams, it could potentially harm, even kill, fish and other aquatic life.

  • Where possible, discharge swimming pool water to the sewer (if your property is not severed, consider suitable land disposal)
  • The best alternative to sewer disposal is irrigation onto your property but consider the following;
  • Check that no land instability problems exist in your immediate area
  • Leave the water to sit for at least a week without adding chemicals
  • Irrigate the water so that it won’t flow into the stormwater system
  • Ensure water does not flow off your property
  • Irrigate the water so  that it does not create nuisance conditions such as mosquito breeding
  • Make sure the water temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius

Go to and click on the “Pools” tab to learn more about the Weber Marbelite and Weber Pool paint range of products that will ensure your pool is restored to almost new.