Weberfloor screed is a fast track self-levelling screed where quick setting is essential.  Before applying the Weberfloor screed it is important to prepare the surface first to ensure it is clean from any dust, debris, or other contaminants and repair and patch holes. Floor preparation is a key step for a successful construction or renovation project. 

Once the surface is clean and repaired, prime with Weberfloor Primer, a latex-based primer and keying agent to improve adhesion.  

Weber-tylon® WB 270  Self-Leveling Screed is a high-strength polymer-based underlayment developed for residential and light commercial applications. This product is specially formulated to provide a good setting and smooth underlayment suitable for correcting uneven sub-floors before the installation of floor coverings. Its high strength formulation is suitable to repair a range of sub-floor types including sand and cement screeds and concrete floors. Once applied, the floor is able receive light foot traffic after 1 - 2 hours. Floor coverings – such as carpet, tiles, vinyl and engineered wood – can typically be installed 24 hours after application.

After levelling and spreading the mixed screed, use a spiked roller with a long handle and roll the wet product slowly but thoroughly to remove air bubbles and improve levelling before the setting process advances too much. 

How to apply Weberfloor screed system

Easy step-by-step guide