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TIle adhesive or tile grout for mosaic

Here's what you need to know for your next tiling project

If you’ve ever considered tiling or even fixing up a few tiles, then you would’ve come across these terms: tile adhesives and tile grouts. Essentially, tile adhesive is the compound used to stick ...

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QuickSet 6

Weber-Tylon offer the tile fixing market with quality tile adhesives. QuickSet 6 is for all types of tiles for walls and floors. Get tiling with tylon!

Mosaic Fix

Weber-Tylon Mosaic Fix is an adhesive and grout for fixing mosaic tiles in interior and exterior spaces on walls and floors. It is ideal for all types of tiles.

Weber-Tylon Tile Grout

Weber Tylon Tile Grout is a cement-based all purpose grout designed to point tile joints (2 - 8 mm) on walls and floors. 

Rapid 12

Weber-Tylon Rapid 12 is used for large porecelain and ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, brick and clay. Interior and exterior application, 12-hour set

External Tiling

Exterior tiling is exposed to more aggressive conditions than interior tiling. Tiles recommended for exterior use will often require a higher tile adhesive specification.

Tile Adhesives

Preparing your surface before fixing tiles like areas that will be permanently wet, is important to ensure optimal bond, durability and to correct unevenness.

Large Tiles

Recently, the use of larger tiles has become common practice. This has placed extra burden of the adhesive used, which needs to be highly flexible and allow for easy bedding.

Tile Trends 2023

Weber-Tylon showcased at the Big 5 Construct Africa expo last week, tile fixing product solutions to meet the latest tile trends that inspire you. 

WB11 Ceramic - NEW QUALITY PRODUCT IN ONE SOLUTION. Suitable for fixing lightweight or soft baked glazed ceramic tiles suitable for walls and floors, interior and exterior use.

WB24 Porcelain - NEW QUALITY PRODUCT IN ONE SOLUTION. 24 Hr advanced adhesive for smaller and large tiles up to 600 x 600 mm. Suitable for floors and walls. Interior and exterior use.

WB16 - NEW INNOVATIVE PRODUCT. 24 Hour advanced adhesive for all types of tiles. Small and large type tiles uo to 600 x 600 mm. Interior and exterior use. Suitable for walls and floors.

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