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Tile adhesive or grout? Here's what you need to know for your next tiling project

If you’ve ever considered tiling or even fixing up a few tiles, then you would’ve come across these terms: tile adhesives and tile grouts. Essentially, tile adhesive is the compound used to stick ...

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Tile Trends 2023

Weber-tylon showcased at the Big 5 Construct Africa expo last week, tile fixing product solutions to meet the latest tile trends that inspire you. 

Large Tiles

There are common issues you can face when tiling with very large tiles. 

Tile Adhesives

Preparing your surface before fixing tiles is important to ensure optimal bond, durability and to correct unevenness. 

Floor Screed

Step-by-step guide how to apply Weber-tylon floor screed system, with Weberfloor primer and WB270.