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Tile Adhesives

Innovative, easy-to-use, high performance floor and wall tile adhesives and grouts, sealants and preparatory products for the professional tile fixer. 

Preparing your work surface before fixing tiles is important to ensure optimal bond, durability and to correct uneven floors.

Our range of preparation products will ensure the substrate is adequately prepared, whether you're tiling over underfloor heating, or on to a wall in an area exposed to high levels of moisture. Our range of high performance products will allow you to achieve the optimum finish in all your tiling projects. 

When choosing an adhesive, always take into account which one is most suitable for the task at hand. Are you looking for a tile adhesive that works well with heavier or larger tiles? All of our tile adhesives for ready-mix have been specifically created to cater to specific types of projects.

A Weber-tylon tile adhesive is ideal for both internal and external projects — consider whether you need a:

  • Flexible tile adhesive — where there may be movement or expansion in the substrate, you'll need a flexible polymer tile adhesive
  • Strong tile cement — for larger format or heavier tiles, such as porcelain or natural stone
  • Rapid set tile adhesive — when you need to start grouting after two hours
  • Wall or floor tile adhesive — whilst all of our cement-based tile adhesives can be used on floors, you will need a non-slump product for walls
  • Exterior tile adhesive — all of our cement-based tile adhesives are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

We offer you high-quality and cost-effective  solutions. To determine the precise amount of product required for the task, access our tile adhesive calculator located on the respective product pages.

Tile Adhesive T Classification
Tile Adhesives

Tile Adhesive Classification

Whether you’re working with ready-mix or powder adhesives, there’s a method of classification that means it’s quick and easy to choose the right adhesive for the job.

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Standard Setting Adhesives

Tile Trends to watch out for in 2023

Tiles are a timeless design element, but their popularity ebbs and flows just like any other trend.

External tiling is exposed to more aggressive conditions than interior tiling. The effects of sun, wind, rain, and frost combine to shorten the life of an installation, by exposing it to a continuous onslaught of a number of mechanisms.

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