Industrial floor for airport car parking

1. Pumpable and quick application 2. Several project references in airports of China 3. Non flammable, Class A fireproof

Nanjing Airport is the first green airport and the largest single building in Jiangsu. Annual passenger throughput is over 18 million passengers and the airport consists of terminal buildings, transportation center and parking buildings. The project owners have chosen Weber China as supplier for parking flooring solutions. They were very pleased with excellent product quality, durable and environmentally performance, variety of solutions and high-efficiency project support.

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The parking floor solution was applied on top of concrete substrate. After priming with weberprim 4716 a layer of 6mm of weberfloor 4655 was pumped over the whole area. Finally a liquid surface hardener was applied as surface

Type of floor:
industrial Type of building:
parking Total size of floor area:
80 000 m² Year of construction:
2014 Owner:
Najing Airport Group ARchitect:
ECADI Contractor/Applicator:
Shanghai Construction Group Weber product used:
- weberprim 4716
- weberfloor 4655

Nanjing Airport Car Parking Building