Industrial overlayment for car park areas

1. Non flammable, Class A fireproof 2. High level of eveness 3. Good brand Image of Weber

The Tinajian Freed Trade Zone is a commercial area nearby the coast of Bo Hai Bay. The car park areas are located under the hotels, office buildings and public park. The project owners considered only non flammable, durable, high eveness materials as overlayment for car park floors.

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On top of the screed substrate in the horizontal parking areas first the primer weberfloor 4716 is applied. Afterwards the self-leveling overlayment screed weberfloor 4615 is pumped in thickness of average 6-8 mm. The surface protection is made by a wax. For the ramps an expoxy primer is used and then the high wear weberfloor 4630 is applied.

Type of floor:
Industrial Type of building:
Parking Total size of floor area:
6 projects 110 000 m² completed Year of construction:
2015 & 2016 Owner:
Tianjin Free Trade Zone Committee & Others Weber product used:
- weberprim 4716
- weberfloor 4615
- weberfloor 4630

Tianjing Free Trade Zone Car Park Area