New strategic direction at tiling product supplier

Weber, a business unit within Saint-Gobain Construction Products SA (Ply) Ltd, is shifting the strategic focus of business in order to provide a complete tiling solution to the construction industry. Sean Singh, newly appointed manager of Weber's Tylort category and Key Accounts Manager, tells Walls & Roofs about their new business strategies.

Strategic position

"Weber is improving its current business strategy to make it easier and more profitable 'or companies to do business with us.' says Singh before explaining that in his new capacity, he will be a crucial part of his clients strategic team. "A key account manager's job at Weber entails partnenng with our customers to form sustainable network relationships. Businesses want to move away from commodity-based deals where the price is the ultimate (actor, to where partnering with customers in order to meet their strategic objectives profitably becomes an investment for both parties." says Singh Complete Tiling Solution "Weber, the leading suppler of tile adhesives to the hardware retail sector, is expanding its Tylon product range in order to allow us to offer a complete tiling solution", says Singh.  New Sealer Range by Saint-Go&ain Weber "Our new Sealer range enhances our existing range of tile adhesives, tile grout and related products and put us in a position to provide clients with a product offering that is perfectly suited to any project." says Singh "Weber is a global brand that is focused on the construction industry and we ensure that our products suit the local market conditions. Being a division of Saint-Gobain Construction Products SA (Pty) Ltd. Weber gives our customers the access lo one-stop expertise, exceptional service and superior products lhal they need to provide the ideal solution for their clients." Technology and Innovation According to Singh, Weber and Saint-Gobain's goal is to continue innovating in order to remain the leaders in South Africa's continuously changing construction and building environment "Our new product range has been tailored to provide our customers with the latest, technologically advanced products from Weber to compliment their existing offenngs. Tile manufacturing technologies and therefore the related products specified have changed significantly in recent years" says Singh. Singh explains that there isn't a tile-fixing standard in South Afnca. but that Government's newly promulgated Consumer Protection Act, which is set to come into law in October this year, will assist in dnving manufacturing standards in the industry upwards. This will ensure that all organisations in the industry have to take this into consideration when manufactunng their products. "Weber's philosophy is based on a differentiated value proposition and the Weber Brand Commitment. This consists of providing the most comprehensive range of "best-quality" products to the market, and is supported by 4 state of the art manufacturing sites. 12 additional Samt-Gobain distribution points at our LBS's, and a national specifications department. What also sets us apart is the back-up service we provide before, during and after the sale - we provide a full technical service, which includes detailed specifications prior to commencement of a project right through to full on-site technical assistance on major projects. We welcome the opportunity to engage with our customers at a national, regional and local level." says Singh. Weber opened a new factory in Durban in the beginning of 2010 and the plant is fully geared to produce its standard tile adhesives range for the regional market, nght on their doorstep. We will expand the range of products being manufactured there this year "We've been cementing relationships in KwaZulu-Natal over the last couple of years and, as a consequence, have increased our market share quite significantly. The time is now right to produce the Tylon range of adhesives locally to offer our clients an even quicker turnaround time from order to delivery than ever before, while maintaining the high standards of quality and reliability with which our products have become synonymous" says Daryl Meyer, managing director of Saint-Gobain Weber.