Parking floor solutions under commercial landmark

1. Non flammable, Class A fireproof 2. Easy and fast application 3. Quality, experience and project references

In the centre of the city Chengdu a luxury commercial project is constructed with shops and offices. It is a well known landmark in the city. Weber was asked to supply car park flooring solutions. Due to limited height of the underground floors, the self-leveling overlayment was applied directly on the concrete substrate.

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2 layers of primer were first applied. As screed overlayment different self-leveling screeds were use depending on expected loads and esthetical demands. weberfloor 4650 as colored overlayment, weberfloor 4655 for normal parking areas and weberfloor 4630 for the ramps. As surface protection a wax coating was applied.

Type of floor:
Industrial and decorative Type of building:
Parking Total size of floor area:
80 000 m² Year of construction:
2015 Owner:
SWIRE Propertities & Sino-Ocean Propertities Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4655
- weberfloor 4615
- weberfloor 4650

Chengdu Da Ci Si Project