Renovation floor and thin acoustic floor in hotel building

A former office building in Paris center was renovated into a 17 floors hotel (800 m per floor). For the bedrooms the requirement was a good performing acoustic insulating floor in a minimal thickness for the new function inside the existing building. In order to fulfill the construction planning of the renovation project each time a floor surface of 1 600 m² divided over 2 floors had to be realized. Self-drying and self-leveling renovation screed was needed to level in various thicknesses the substrate and in order to cover with tiles after 24 hours.

1. An acoustic system achieving 19dB impact sound insulation with total thickness of only 25 mm 2. A high resistant, fast-covering, thin-levelling screed was needed to fulfill the project requirements (thickness up to 50 mm, tiling after 24 hours) 3. weberfloor service, a pump truck that allows to pump over long distance and height (17 floors), high yield, labor savings and no dust or noise for night application

For the bedrooms, the combination of the thin acoustic mat weberfloor 4955 with a high performance screed weberfloor 4320 reached the desired 19dB impact sound reduction with a thickness of only 25 mm. The weberfloor 4320 was pumped with the pumptruck up to 17 stories high and also applied as a leveling layer on a damaged slab with various thickness, up to 50mm

Gama tower

PARIS (75012) / FRANCE