Saint-Gobain Weber install Design Floors into School of Excellence

The African School for Excellence is a non-profit organisation aimed at revolutionising the face of modern education, and so a fitting environment for the installation of Saint-Gobain Weber Design Floor, to demonstrate how the physical environment can enhance learner experience.

Design school of excellence

The architects and Saint-Gobain collaborated from the early stages of the project, refining the design criteria of this space which offers greater access to quality education to everyone. The intent was to create a comfortable learning environment to support the Schools education model, one of instructional learning combined with peer-based and self-study learning. The school is located in Access City in Maboneng, a refurbished, mixed occupancy, building in the inner city of Johannesburg. The site embraces collaborative learning with a series of carefully designed spaces that encourage constructive dialog and concentration.

The use of Saint-Gobain Weber Design Flooring, a world class self-levelling screed, was used together with other materials and changes in levels to define functional requirements of select areas within this open plan learning environment.  Saint-Gobain Weber Design Flooring is available in six colour variants and in two textures. The Design Flooring specified (Pearl/Grey colour option) was driven by the need to repair the aged existing concrete floor and contributed to the overall industrial aesthetic of building and School.
The use of this innovative flooring in a School also presents the opportunity to showcase its unique features including durability, speed of installation, strength, hygiene, ease of cleaning and add to the aesthetics of the interior design. Weber Design Floor can cope with high levels of traffic and provides excellent resistance from day to day wear.  
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