Saint-Gobain Weber-Tylon®’s approach towards the group’s 2050 net-zero carbon emission goal

The Saint-Gobain brand leads with its vision to be the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction across the globe. The construction brands under the Saint-Gobain umbrella contribute collectively towards achieving this vision. For Weber-Tylon®, this means consistent innovation is required to satisfy customer needs, and continuously develop environmentally friendly product ranges and manufacturing processes. Weber-Tylon® acknowledges the increasing demand for construction and its enormous impact on climate change.


Saint-Gobain Weber-Tylon® manufacturing plants successfully reduced Carbon emissions

Saint-Gobain Weber-Tylon® approach toward 2050 net-zero carbon emission goal

Saint-Gobain Weber-Tylon® has actively committed itself to the reduction of carbon emissions by consistently innovating according to our customer's needs whilst developing friendly product ranges through the following innovations:  


  • Internationally, Weber constructed a photoluminescent bike path using the weberdry Pur Trans solution in the Netherlands, Poland, and now Italy. The bike path uses solar energy to light the cycle path, ensuring the safety of cyclists at night.  


  • Locally, Saint-Gobain Weber-Tylon® manufacturing plants successfully reduced C02 emissions by 40 percent, in line with our 2050 target.


Saint-Gobain Weber-Tylon® has been able to achieve this reduction by improving production methodologies, renewing production equipment, and incorporating alternative renewable resources.