Weber-Tylon’s newly launched range of purpose-specific tile adhesives

Following extensive market research and a rigorous product development program, Weber has introduced a new range of purpose specific tile adhesives, which are able to cater for every possible tiling situation.

Purpose specific tile adhesives

Central to the development, is Weber’s desire to make available to the market a range of tile adhesives that are specifically designed for use with either Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles and importantly different sizes. Tiles, whether Ceramic or Porcelain in nature, are all subject to thermal movement as well as a phenomenon known as Irreversible Moisture Expansion (IME). This ‘movement’ creates stress between the tile and the adhesive holding it in place. The larger the tile, the greater the physical change in the tile’s dimension will be, and therefore the stronger the tile adhesive specified needs to be to counter this ‘movement’. Therefore, to provide the Homeowner and/or Contractor with a cost efficient and functionally effective tile adhesive solution, Weber developed the following four basic adhesives, namely;

  • Tylon Ceramic S…..a cement-based tile adhesive for small format Ceramic tiles (≤ 420 x 420 mm).
  • Tylon Ceramic L…..a cement-based tile adhesive for large format Ceramic tiles (> 420 x 420 mm).
  • Tylon Porcelain S…..a cement-based tile adhesive for small format Porcelain tiles (≤ 600 x 600 mm).
  • Tylon Porcelain L…..a high strength, cement-based tile adhesive for large format Porcelain tiles (> 600 x 600 mm).
Technological advancements in tile adhesive formulations made at Weber’s Centre of Excellence for Tile Adhesives in Aveiro, Portugal, was used to further develop the range of purpose specific adhesives to suit South African conditions. This meant that a total of 10 adhesives were developed to ensure that all site conditions and tile variations are catered for.
  • Tylon Quick Set 6…..a high strength, quick-set (6 hour), cement-based tile adhesive for all Ceramic, Porcelain, Brick and Clay tiles of all sizes.
  • Tylon Porcelain Rapid 12…..a high strength, fast setting (12 hour), cement based tile adhesive for Porcelain tiles.
  • Tylon Ultra-Flex…..a highly deformable, fast setting, high strength cement-based tile adhesive for all types and sizes of tiles, and critical surfaces.
  • Tylon Mosaic-Fix…..a White tile adhesive and grout for Mosaic tiles of all types and sizes.
  • Tylon White…..a White cement based, fast setting, deformable tile adhesive for all Marble and natural stone tiles.
  • Tylon Ceramic White…..a White cement-based adhesive for all light coloured Ceramic tiles.