Weber-tylon® WB 270

Weber South Africa

Weber-Tylon® WB 270  Self-Leveling Screed is packed in 20kg polythene-lined paper bags.

Weber-tylon® WB 270

Weber-tylon® WB 270  Self-Leveling Screed is a high-strength polymer-based underlayment developed for residential and light commercial applications. This product is specially formulated to provide a good setting and smooth underlayment suitable for correcting uneven sub-floors before the installation of floor coverings.

Its high strength formulation is suitable to repair a range of sub-floor types including sand and cement screeds and concrete floors. Once applied, the floor is able receive light foot traffic after 1 - 2 hours. Floor coverings – such as carpet, tiles, vinyl and engineered wood – can typically be installed 24 hours after application.

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