Innovative design flooring solutions by Weber Saint-Gobain

Weber Saint-Gobain’s comprehensive range of high strength base and top screed flooring products are designed especially for architects, main contractors, applicators and interior designers to achieve optimum speed, durability and smoothness of finish.

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The technically advanced, high-performance products are the key to creating hard-wearing, seamless super-smooth floors to complement any environment. Design floor screeds are integral to the Weber flooring systems range, allowing architects, designers, and specifiers to create new concepts in striking, long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance floor finishes in retail, commercial and residential developments.


All Weber Saint-Gobain flooring products are designed to sustain high traffic levels and provide optimal resistance to wear and abrasion. The range of cement-based, hard-wearing screeds can be applied as the final finish (overlay) or receive additional sealing coats or floor coverings.
The Weber. floor Design is a self-leveling polymer-based coloured pumpable screed with rapid setting properties that are completely set within 24 hours. This through-colored compound is available in six standard colours that can be mixed together to yield a total of 15 colour variants. Application depth can be between 3 to 10mm, and it can be polished to a smooth final finish.
Weber. floor Granite is a similar pumpable screed with dark aggregate granules added to the compound, polished to a high gloss terrazzo finish.
Considered to be a technical breakthrough, the company has recently launched a self-leveling underlay screed for use with vinyl, epoxy, tiles, and carpet flooring overlays. The product, Weber tylon WB270 is not only self-leveling but also quick drying, independent of weather conditions, and can be coated after just 12 hours. The introduction of this product will see productivity double in the flooring underlay sector.